Goji Volunteers Support Food For Good Charity Event

On 23rd May, 2018, Goji volunteers were involved in a charity event organized by Food For Good serving more than a hundred of elderlies “Poon Choi”. Those elderlies were very happy to meet the special guests Ms Shirley Cheung, Ms Anita Yuen, Mr Ray Lui and Mrs Lui. Besides of distributing gifts to the elderlies, we also shared some simple exercising tips with them, encouraging them to move more for their health.
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Goji Volunteers Support AEAHK event in Celebrating Mother’s Day 2018

On 11th May 2018, the ‘Against Elderly Abuse of HK’ organization hosted a Mother’s Day charity event, serving 120 elderly mothers free lunch. Goji volunteers were honoured to participated in it, we distributed some gifts to the elderlies, including carnation, biscuits and canned food. We wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day.
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