As the government has further announced to extend the executive orders under chapter 599 of the Laws of Hong Kong, which stipulated that all fitness centers must be closed until 7 May 2020. Therefore, the temporary closure of all Goji Studios clubs will be extended and it is expected to resume service on 8 May 2020 in accordance with relevant regulations. Meanwhile, all memberships will be automatically suspended. We have summarized the following questions we have been asked about our closure period.

1. Any tested positive COVID-19 confirmed case occurs in Goji Studios?

As informed by the Department of Health on 24 March 2020, a visitor who tested positive for COVID-19 visited Goji Studios Tsim Sha Tsui club. No other confirmed cases have been reported at other Goji Studios clubs. Regarding the details of the confirmed case, we got the following information from the Department of Health:
– The male individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 visited Goji Tsim Sha Tsui club in the morning on 13 March 2020, stayed for approximately an hour and left at around 12 noon; the individual showed no symptoms such as fever and cough on the date
– The individual has not used the washroom and changing room in club on the date
– The individual has not joined any of the Personal Training Session or Group Class on the date
– The individual has not visited Youni
– The individual has not visited other Goji clubs

2. What actions did Goji taken upon the case testing positive?

Your health and safety are our top priority. When we were informed of the confirmed case on 24 March 2020, Tsim Sha Tsui Club was closed immediately. We have also made a decision to temporarily close all clubs to strengthen the anti-virus measures, including a deep clean and disinfection of all clubs and applying the long-lasting anti-microbial coating to protect the safety of members and staffs.

Updated news will be shared to all our members if any further updates or requirements informed by the government and Department of Health.

3. I have already pre-paid for membership. Will I be refunded the membership fee due to the temporary closure of the clubs?

Your membership will be automatically extended after the expiration date, however no refund would be provided for the temporary closure.

4. I have paid for suspension of membership earlier. Will I be refunded the suspension fee due to the temporary closure of the clubs?

The temporary closure of the clubs will not affect the suspension period of members who have paid the suspension fee. Therefore, we cannot arrange a refund for the suspension fee. However, due to the temporary closure of the clubs, your membership will be automatically extended after the expiration date.

5. I have applied for suspension, but why did I still get charged?

We need at least 5 working days’ notice prior to your autopay to stop the next billing; it is likely that we received your request, but the automated cut-off pasted and there was not enough time to stop the autopay from taking place. Please do not worry, we will make the necessary adjustment.

6. How can I terminate my account?

If you’d like to apply for termination, we will follow our normal procedures. Please refer to our Termination Procedures on Goji Agreement.

7. Can I get a refund or terminate my account earlier as I have not visited for a while?

Sorry we do not provide refund or early termination to member even if you have not visited for a while.

8. I have a rental locker – can I access the club to retrieve some of my belongings?

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow access during the closure. You will be able to access your locker and your belongings when we reopen the clubs.

9. What happens with my shoe locker rental during this closure period?

The shoe locker rental period will be extended automatically after the agreement ends.

10. When will the Group Fitness classes be resumed?

All Group Fitness classes are expected to be resumed on 8 May tentatively. Should the date be extended subject to the Hong Kong Government Executive Order, we will further update on this immediately.

11. What happens with my PT sessions during this closure period?

Your PT sessions will be automatically extended after the expiration date.

If you have further questions, please send us a message via Goji Studios website 「Contact Us」. We sincerely thank all your support and understanding. We look forward to meeting you again on soon.