We are a movement, a collective spirit of people who actively live, breathe and advocate our philosophy of fitness and wellness. We strive for the betterment of the world and those who live in it – based on the belief that by lifting others, we rise together. Unlike majority one-size-fits-all experiences, our team provides a customised and transparent approach to fitness training.

We go the extra mile to provide you with the personalised attention you can trust and deserve, from training programs to offering nutrition advice to designing the perfect (and delicious) meals to help you achieve your fitness goals. And we want to be there with you the whole way, because we believe we are all better, together. We feel a strong sense of pride when we see our clients reach their full potential. It is only when you celebrate your victory that we celebrate ours. When you thrive, we thrive.

We are constantly on the move to create better environment in our space and, for our clients. We constantly seek to improve ourselves and our studios to be a space of positive energy in the bustling neighbourhoods of Hong Kong. We look to bring people together into a community, a tribe, to share a lifelong journey of fitness and wellness.

At Youni, we follow the golden 30/70 rule behind all fitness goals, whereby 30% of results is what you do in the gym and the remaining 70% is based on what you eat. We believe in clean, quality food – made fresh daily – that successfully combine good taste with positive health benefits. Hand in hand we hope to be your partner on reaching your health and fitness goals. It won’t be easy, but the journey will be worth it.

Your success is our success.
This is the essence of Youni.

Through YOUNIBODY, our in-house nutrition and wellness division, we also offer a wide range of nutritional products and services that support your health goals. Our philosophy understands that every body type is unique. Our bodies operate, stress, and recover at different rates from the next.

This is why we create customised nutrition and meal plans that look beyond the generic consultation. Our methods are backed by scientific data and results that can measure concrete progress.

When you understand what makes your body different, you have better knowledge to make better health decisions. It is the intelligence in understanding yourself that allows you to improve yourself.