Done in the cardio area and challenges aerobic endurance through using a mixture of bodyweight and cardio machines. You can expect to work lots of interval training, which burns calories and increases cardio endurance.


One of the best (and most fun!) ways to lose fat and get fit! Our interval training class will challenge your anaerobic capacity and also lead to improvements in your aerobic endurance through simple movements in short, quick bursts of work and shorter rest periods, utilizing a range of different equipment in our functional area. Expect lots of workouts that involve tabatas, AMRAPs, EMOMs and much more!


Building a strong core is more than just doing an ab workout! Additionally, a strong core is highly important in daily life as well as in sports and exercise – whether it is you do yoga, tai chi, run, hike or play football! In this class, our coaches will use a combination of bodyweight training, suspension training and weight training and movements that focus on challenging core and shoulder stability.


Get started with strength training using weighted movements in a circuit style total body workout designed for maximal calorie burn and fat loss. Utilizing a range of equipment from dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and so much more, this is one of our most popular resistance training workouts. The objective of Circuits is to help people develop confidence in strength training and that resistance training can be fun and challenging at the same time!


Get yourself sculpted into a super sexy lean and strong through resistance training for lean muscle gain and maximal fat loss. You will work with various types of equipment including bodyweight, and this class always changes to expose you to different methods of training. If you have body composition goals; i.e. want to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle mass, and want to learn how to train towards those goals, this is a fantastic class to join.


Farmer carries, tyre flips, sled drags, prowler pushes and other dynamic movements will challenge your anaerobic capacity and strength. This is one of the best ways to help you lose body fat and develop your strength, power and athleticism. You don’t have to be advanced to join – we focus on movements that everyone can do!

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