Special small group training session with our group fitness instructors. Together with fitness equipment in the gym floor area, we set up multiple functional training goals : Muscles endurance, Cardio capacity, Core stability etc. GojiFit with small class size allows our instructors paying more attention on each individual, connecting to each other better, and working as a team to achieve one’s fitness goal.

POLE 101
This class introduces the complete beginner to the art of pole dancing. If you have never pole danced before, this is the class that is the gateway to all other choreography or technical classes. 8 essential movements will be introduced in Pole 101 so you have the right foundation, which will help prevent you from getting discouraged in more advanced classes. You will learn in both static and spinning mode. There are no inversions in this class.
Pole Fit is a conditioning based class that works both on and off the poles with different drills and/exercises to strengthen your body for pole work. This class will have material and variations to benefit each individual wherever they may be. Stretch & flexibility elements for pole dance will also be covered in this class. Different variations and stretching goals will be provided for all members.
Pole Flow focuses on combos and floor work. There will also be freestyle dance opportunities for students during the class. This class allows students who have built a vocabulary of moves in Pole Flowclasses to start creating choreography. Students will have time to perform and record what they’ve learned at the end of class!