Invest in your employees – the most valued asset of your company

A healthy work-life balance is essential to every employees well-being and productivity at work. With our corporate service for our corporate partners, we believe we can help relieve some modern-day stress from your employees, who are the most important assets of your company.

Goji Studios offers a unique, corporate gym and health service to clients that combines our nutritional food service with a range of gym and fitness regimes for their employees. Wish to optimize engagement, health and performance of your team? Invest in your employees today!
Corporate Membership
Corporate membership offer for your staff

Private Group Exercise Classes
Onsite or at Club – 60 mins
• Office Stretching
• Back Pain Release
• Yoga
• Pilates

Health Talk
Onsite – 30 mins
• Solution for Eczema
• Detoxification and Cleaning for Stubborn Tool
• Food that Fight Inflammation


Please contact our Corporate Sales Team at +852 3728 3927 or email us at [email protected]