Introducing Generation Goji, the premier kids’ development academy in Hong Kong

What is Generation Goji?
Generation Goji is not just a regular children’s play group, it is a specially designed curricular program based on LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) for two main age groups, Junior G (5 to 7) and Big G (8 to 11). By targeting age groups, we can pay more attention to different developmental phases and optimise each child’s progression. Within Junior G & Big G, we also have different progression levels to further highlight whether a child requires more basic coaching or is capable of more difficult challenges. Our goal is to develop well-rounded children with a deep focus on performing well at sports.

What benefits do Generation Goji offer?
Generation Goji focuses on providing a well-rounded sports and movement focused program that includes aspects of calisthenics, gymnastic movement, dance, ball work, obstacle and games, yoga, martial arts and play. Your child will be exposed to different aspects of sports, learn new skills, develop their cognitive thinking through sports and games in an encouraging and dynamic environment.

What Core Skills will be developed?
Optimise gross motor skills to develop kids into better athletes
Build social intelligence and independence to establish better decision making and leadership skills
Support cognitive development and critical thinking skills
Help them navigate through negative emotions and promote positive interactions for a healthy happy mind

Our coaches are handpicked not only for their experience in health and fitness, but for their passion in developing future athletes and leaders.

We help you pick the right class for your child:
Each child’s first class will be their evaluation class to determine which level they are best suited to be in.

Our experienced coaches will be able to give you guidance for choosing the right path for your child, making sure their talents are realized! As part of Generation Goji, every child will be continually assessed and evaluated along the way, prior to progressing to the next level. When a child is acknowledged by our coach that they are ready to move on to the next level, they will be rewarded with a Goji Certificate that highlights their development and progress.

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