Will’s Fitness Terms and Conditions

Will’s Fitness Terms and Conditions:

1. Only Goji Basic+ and Goji Premium members may register for Will’s Fitness China Access Pass (the “Pass”).

2. The Pass must be used by the registered member and cannot be sold or transferred to another person.

3. The Pass is valid for one (1) month and can be activated a maximum of three (3) times per calendar year.

4. The Pass may be activated at any Will’s Fitness location in Mainland China upon presentation of the registered member’s Pass (confirmation email with QR code) and his/her valid Goji Studios membership card.

5. Once activated, the Pass entitles the registered member to free access to Will’s Fitness club facilities, general use of fitness equipment and supply of hand towels and bath towels (certain exceptions apply) during the validity period.

6. The Pass does not include personal training sessions, group classes or any other products and services. Such products and services may be separately purchased at the registered member’s own cost.

7. All members must observe and adhere to Will’s Fitness rules and regulations while on Will’s Fitness club premises and when using Will’s Fitness club facilities.

8. Should you have any enquiries regarding the Pass and access rights to Will’s Fitness, please contact a member of Goji Studios staff. All other enquiries regarding Will’s Fitness facilities, products and services should be directed to a member of Will’s Fitness staff.

9. The Pass is not redeemable in cash and/or cash equivalents.

10. Goji Studios reserves the right to revoke or withhold the Pass for reasons determined in its sole and absolute discretion (including but not limited to breach of these Terms and Conditions).

11. All personal information provided to Goji Studios shall be subject to Goji Studios’ Privacy Policy. Please refer to https://gojistudios.com.hk/privacy-policy/ for more details.

12. Goji Studios reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or to modify your use of the Pass and associated privileges and/or the Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason without prior notice and with no liability.

13. In the event of dispute, Goji Studios reserves the right to rule on the final interpretation, judgment and conclusive decision.

14. In case of variations noted between English and Chinese versions of the Terms & Conditions, the English version prevails.